Advocacy & Liaison

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Following a Local Authority Fire Service audit of a business workplace, (or should your business be involved in a fire and a Post-Fire Compliance Audit or Fire Investigation is undertaken), the Fire Authority may deem it necessary to issue the Owner or Occupier with a Formal Notice of Deficiencies identifying the areas that need to be addressed within a reasonable timescale and; depending on the severity of any issues, they may also serve you with an Alterations, Enforcement or Prohibition Notice and your details will be recorded, available for public scrutiny and kept on one or more of 3 National Enforcement Registers normally for a period of up to 5 years.

The notice will contain a glossary of specific ‘Article Breaches’ of The Fire Safety Order 2005.
Peninsula Fire Safety Consultants are fully conversant in these matters and are available to represent your business as independent experts, interpret the Article Breaches and liaise direct with the Fire Authority on your behalf to discuss any remedial actions as defined by the Fire Authority, or identify suitable alternatives, to ensure that persons are not at risk from any unsatisfactory condition, fire safety feature or work process. In most circumstances, we can invariably secure a mutually agreed solution, methodology and time scale of cost effective measures to demonstrate your compliance with the Fire Authority and assist any subsequent amendment process of the National Enforcement Register.

Please feel free to give us a call or use the contact form for a no obligation advisory response.