Fire Safety Audit

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Local Authority Fire Service Inspectors are required to carry out formal fire safety compliance audits of premises to ensure, amongst many other criteria, a suitable fire risk assessment has been undertaken, there are appropriate fire safety measures in place to ensure persons who resort to your workplace are not at risk from fire, hazardous materials or processes. They give you sufficient prior written notice of the audit, typically one month; and provide you with a detailed list of documents, records and evidence they require to be made available at the audit.

Following the audit, the Inspector will provide you with an audit report outcome that indicates a Compliance Level to The Fire Safety Order 2005. You will be informed at the time; and in writing, if your business workplace meets the necessary Compliance Level and no further action will be required. If however there are any issues of non-conformity, not only will you have been made aware of them at the time, but you may also receive a Formal Notice of Deficiencies identifying the areas that need to be addressed within a reasonable timescale and; depending on the severity of any issues, they may also serve an Alterations, Enforcement or Prohibition Notice.

Peninsula Fire Safety Consultants offer a pre-Fire Safety Site Audit service to ensure that your workplace is ready in all respects by carrying out a ‘dry run’ informal inspection. We will identify if your existing Fire Risk Assessment is suitable and sufficient, review your administration and record keeping processes and validate your fire safety management systems, training competencies, policies, procedures and emergency plan.

Our consultants are former Fire Service Officers & Authorised Inspectors and our Fire Safety Site Audit service follows a similar process to the Local Authority Fire Service Inspectorate. We adopt an established model, benchmarking fire safety evidence & performance against the various legislative articles contained in The Fire Safety Order 2005, and as we identify any issues, we can advise and assist you to have the appropriate remedial action, (or evidence of intention), in place prior to the formal inspection.

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