Building Control & Planning Applications

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The Building Regulations 2010 Regulation 38 is the applications tool for new buildings and alterations of existing premises. It should be submitted to the relevant Fire Authority and Local Building Control Officer for approval of mandatory fire safety information and strategy prior to ‘Completion’ or ‘Occupation’ of the facility.

Regulation 38 is frequently the stumbling block for a building or alterations project, through either an oversight in design, building regulation non-compliance or the lack of early consultation with either the Fire Authority or Local Building Control, leading to unnecessary cost-driven amendments of the project and the inevitable delays in business output expectations.

Peninsula Fire Safety Consultants have the expertise and competence in both ‘fire engineering’ and the design approvals process. We can engage with you at the initial stages of project feasibility as Subject Matter Experts, embed within your Project Team to liaise with both the Fire Authority and Local Building Control, peer review & approve designs prior to submission, (ensure compliance with Approved Document B, BS9999, BS5839, BS5266, BS5306, etc). We will advise the Project Team on the timing of necessary Key Stage inspections as the construction work progresses, assess the competence of fire safety system installers, (including materials & relevant hardware / software) and ensure documented evidence of certification of building materials and equipment to ensure that relevant British Standards, Approved Codes of Practice and Industry Models are followed in both sourcing and installation. Download our Design for Tender Submission Template here.

We will also carry out a full fire safety systems verification and commission check prior to final completion and occupation, to satisfy both the Fire Authority and Local Building Control bodies and arrange for a subsequent occupational Fire Risk Assessment to complete the package of ensuring you have a fully compliant facility, ready to occupy and develop your business.

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