Free Fire Safety Logbook

An established and robust record keeping regime of the necessary staff training, testing, servicing and maintenance frequencies of fire safety systems and routine checks of the workplace or premises is the most effective method of demonstrating your overall management of a fire safety compliant culture.

Any audit of your premises by the Fire & Rescue Service is likely to have a more satisfactory compliant outcome if you can produce evidence of routine fire safety checks and a legacy of fire safety system maintenance, servicing and repair.

To demonstrate our support and commitment to all our existing clients and new customers alike, Peninsula Fire Safety Consultants are pleased to provide you with a FREE Fire Safety Logbook that can be downloaded and edited in both Adobe PDF or Word format. This document seeks to explain in plain English the main requirements to demonstrate compliance and includes data entry pages for each requirement. The Logbook should be kept on the premises together with the Fire Risk Assessment and any other relevant safety information such as the mandatory electrical and gas safety servicing records.