Fire Safety Training

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The Fire Safety Order requires the Responsible Person to provide fire safety related training to all employees and those who resort to your premises in the course of their work, (including visitors and contractors etc.), upon induction and at regular intervals thereafter. As a bare minimum, this training must cover the actions employees must take in the event of a fire, how to raise the alarm in the event of fire, how to summon the emergency services, where any fire-fighting equipment is provided and how to use it if necessary, the location of all available exits and where to assemble in a safe place. It’s also a requirement to record all training and details of the person receiving it in a formal record format.

Regular evacuation drills are an excellent method of familiarising the people in your workplace with the available exit routes and assembly areas. You should ensure this is undertaken at least annually, more frequently for high turn-over of staff or seasonal hiring.

Your workplace may require Fire Wardens or other nominated persons with specific duties should a fire occur, or when the alarm is sounded, (checking rooms and floors are evacuated, or specialist tasks like ensuring machinery is switched off or hazardous area doors are closed etc.). They might also be nominated to attempt to tackle a fire in its early stages, (hot-work operatives etc.), all these tasks require a higher-level content of fire safety training and a competence assessment.

Don’t forget your obligation to provide assistance to those with mobility impairments, how are you going to ensure they can negotiate stairs or doors. Do you have staff who are hard of hearing or partially sighted, again special measures may need evaluating by firstly, discussing with and involving those who have any form of disability, followed by practicing the methodology in real time scenarios.

Peninsula Fire Safety Consultants can provide fire safety related training that covers all types of working environments for example, nursing staff in a residential care facility will need to respond to a fire alarm differently to employees in an office block. We will always arrange to meet with at your workplace prior to carrying out any training, this ensures that the nature of your business is taken into account, appropriate risks are identified, and we can tailor any specific training to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information.